Empire Recap, 12/2/15

This ‪#‎Empire‬ recap is sponsored by Mattell because all the Lyons got played!

Quick wrap of last week since I didn’t watch til Sunday (I remember the days when Empire was not to be missed)…but last week Lucious bought a mansion for Rhonda and Andre…he was just so proud to be a grandpappy. Cookie and her sister (Vivica) tracked down a to’ up Tasha Smith (Carol) at a crack house in Philly. After throwing up on her sister’s Louboutins, they took Carol home. Max’s cover was blown after Lucious did some digging and found out he was one of those Bull Boys. Cookie pulled a gun on him for playing her. And Jamal got delivert! At least momentarily after sharing a kiss with Sky Sommers (Alicia Keys)….

Okay….now on to the Season Finale….

Lucious was happy because Sky “Fixed” Jamal. But Jamal was conflicted…. Ultimately, he decided to stay gay (is that even possible??) Jamal and Sky made a cute couple but, yeah, I’m gonna let my sisters have that ‘Im okay that you used to be gay’ mentality. ‪#‎WontWorkForMe‬

Lucious was happy to blow Max’s cover hoping that now that “Rico Suave wasn’t cleaning Cookie’s pool any more” she’d come back to him. Of course, she didn’t. Yet. (Umm, is Adam’s run over????? Say it ain”t so!)

Radio host, Charlagmane the God roasted Sky after a performance….pulling her black card because she didn’t claim her blackness. Sky charged Jamal for not defending her. Cookie returned to jail to put on a concert and started having flashbacks.

Rhonda got that super designer, who whipped that nursery together in no time and now that she was finally showing, she decided to settle in to her impending motherhood. She even invited bat-shyt crazy Boo Boo Kitty over. Big mistake. (I’m not understanding how Anika is suddenly so Crazy in Love with Hakeem, but okay. ) Anika hadn’t told anyone that she was pregnant with Hakeem’s baby, but she was looking forward to delivering the Lyon’s heir. There’s just one problem….Andre and Rhonda were having the first Lyon’s baby. Boo Boo decided she knew just how to get rid of that problem. After watching The Godfather, she figured one quick push down the stairs would get rid of that baby bump that just sprouted on Rhonda. Yeah, my jaw dropped because I didn’t see that coming.

Camilla (Naomi Campbell) returned ready to exact her revenge. Turns out she was married to Mimi (Marissa Tomei) and the two of them were plotting a takeover of Empire. Mimi recorded Lucious badmouthing the board, then called for a vote to oust him. After some maneuvering and sucking up (literally for Thirsty, the lawyer)….the Lyons thought they had enough votes to keep Lucious as head. But online casino alas….the last vote came down to Hakeem No-Last-Name. He thought about all the dirt his daddy had done, and he gave the final vote to oust Lucious.

A devastated Lucious shot up his office. Crying about all he gave for his boys. Cookie talked him off the ledge….and for a moment, I thought he’d have a heart. But I’m convinced Lucious has no heart because as the American Sound Awards announced the song of the year, both Lucious and Jamal were nominated and Lucious looked his son in the face and said, “You’re done, b*tch.” I wonder is it too late for Jamal to change his vote….

And it’s wrap….that’s it until March 2016. Were you among the millions who bailed? What did you think of the Season Finale?

PS – Let’s play spot the celebrities in this episode….Rosie O’Donnell, Alicia Keys, Da Brat, Vivica A. Fox, Tasha Smith, Naomi Campbell, Jason Durelo….am I missing anyone? You think it’s too much???

PPS – If I ever get in trouble I want a lawyer like Thirsty….He will do ANYTHING for the team ‪#‎Not10MillionDollarsGood‬

PPPS – Pepsi, your commercial was cool and all….but it still didn’t beat the Tyrese Coke commercial from back in the day

PPPPPPPPPPPPS – I love, love, love me some pink….just not on Becky….sigh

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