Empire Recap, 9/30/2015

Here’s your Hustle and Flow, the Sequel Recap! For the first time since the series aired, I actually started losing focus and wondering what I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow…But, I guess every episode can’t have you on the edge of your seat.

This one opened up with Cookie and her boys (minus one) storming out of Empire and heading over to a crack house to open their own studio. In true black mama fashion, Cookie showed up at Jamal’s interview (where he and Dora professed their love for the camera) like she hadn’t just slapped the taste out of his mouth multiple times. She let him know, ‘I love you, but I’m starting my own company and about to take you down!’

Hakeem wanted to start a Rainbow Coalition girl group. But after some American Idol (first round) type auditions, he gave up that idea and took a hot little mamacita to his favorite place where he takes all his women – the bathtub.

Meanwhile, Lucious was at Rikers. Well, it wasn’t really Rikers, I hear it was a detention center in Chicago, but that casting call must’ve said, “Wanted: Thugs” because those extras were HARD… Rapper Ludacris was this week’s celebrity appearance, making his debut as a cop harboring anger issues. Lucious was whispering with Jamal (anyone else have to turn their volume all the way up when Lucious talks???) Some Thirsty looking lawyer in his Easter Sunday suit was eavesdropping and offered to represent Lucious….He arranged for Lucious to get some recording equipment and start Death Row Records, II and Lucious and his inmate friends recorded some God-awful song about female dogs and snitching…..Officer Luda came in, shut down the party and took their kiddie keyboard. Well, you know Lucious wasn’t going out like that. The slimy, shiny suit new attorney paid someone to jump Luda, get the keyboard back and viola, they had an instant hit on the radio!

Andre should’ve learned the first rule of job quitting 101…don’t quit one job til the other is in the bag. He told Cookie to let him go because the crack house aggravated his allergies….He went to Lucious and said he wanted to return to Empire and Daddy Lyons whispered, “I hope God forgives you because I don’t.” A tearful Andre asked his father why he hated him so much….Lucious flashed back to memory of when he was a biracial boy and Kelly Rowland was his mom…We got a glimpse of her mental illness, which explains his rejection of Andre.

The episode ended with Cookie cleaning up her new building (the crack house wasn’t cutting it). I don’t know why she didn’t roll by Home Depot and pick up some day laborers to help her clean but we can expect a big battle from her new company, Lyon’s Dynasty. And slimy lawyer blackmailed the judge with some kinky pics and Lucious got out on bail! It’s Game time!

That’s it for this week. It’s been what, a whole season and one episode… so I’ll give a pass on this not-so-exciting episode because I was still entertained! What did you think? Will you be back?

PS – Things I don’t ever have to see again….1) Tianna in a nude body stocking; 2) Chris Rock as a gangsta; and 3) Luda as an angry Black cop

PPS – I haven’t been in a courtoom in a minute, but is cleavage part of the prosecution attire?

PPPS – About that music score….PAGING TIMBALAND…..

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