Scandal Recap, 10/1/15

RECAP: If you haven’t seen Scandal….keep reading at your own risk!

Okay, let me begin at the end….Honestly, I was just about to roll my eyes at Fitz going back to Mellie and Liv with Jake (thinking, are we just gonna keep recycling this story)….BUT THEN, Liv strutted out that car, thru the press mob, and when they asked was she the president’s mistress, this chick turned around and said, “Yes!”

Whew, didn’t see that one coming!

But let me back up to the beginning….this episode opened with pics of America’s mistress, Monica Lewinsky, I mean Olivia Pope creeping in the White House, floating all around Cyberspace and the press out for blood. Liv did what she does best, run. Of course, work takes her mind off of everything so she picked up a case. Rich kid kills his dad and goes on the run. (You know Liv is in a bad place because she went to work in a t-shirt and jeans – wonder will that be in the Limited Collection…)

Anyway, Liv pulled a smooth bounty hunter move and handcuffed the rich kid until Jake took the Shondaland Express from DC to North Carolina and arrived by Liv’s side in 62.3 seconds. Someone recognized Liv and had to take a pic for their FB page and in no time, Liv was mobbed by folks trying to take selfies, so the little killer escaped. In a not-so-dramatic fashion, Liv and Jake found him and had him arrested. Yawn.

Meanwhile, Cy was watching the White House implode over LivGate from every streaming device in his house…..he found it quite hilarious and tried to offer Abby some words of wisdom. Fitz heard Liv had run back to Jake so he ran back to Mellie. He took the First Lady up on her offer to come home and pretend the pics were fake so they could go back to their fake marriage and not mess up her political aspirations. Mellie was smiling like she had those Powerball numbers I’m trying to hit this weekend. She packed her bags and went to reclaim her man. By the way, turns out the new so-non-threatening press secretary, Lizzie (I think that’s her name) leaked the pics of Olitz in hopes of getting Liv away from the president.

Who wrote Huck’s medical clearance to return to work??? #‎NotReady Quinn reminds me of those folks that taunt the tiger thru the bars, then wonder why the animal bites their arm off. These two need a theme song: CrazyInLove.

Speaking of theme songs, the music score was great in this episode…they ended on Do Right Woman….but I have a couple of other suggestions…

Liv & Fitz & Jake – Break up to Make up

Mellie & Fitz –Love the one you’re With

Cy – Where Are the Children (Is there an Amber Alert for Cy’s chocolate baby???)

What did you think of this episode? Are you still hanging in, or have you jumped the Scandal ship? Next week looks like it’s going to be HOT! Mellie is hot grits mad and ready to take Olivia out!

PS – Jake needs a girlfriend. And a personality.

PPS – Why do I want to be in the Mary J., Kerry, & Taraji Apple commercial???


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