Scandal Recap, 11/12/15

Well, Papa Pope made me come out of Recap Retirement! So here”s your Scandal recap!

Papa Pope and his monologues are back! He showed up at Liv’s place to tell her he’s not the devil she thinks he is. Well, at least not anymore. In fact, he told her, he was being hunted and in true Shakespearean form, told her he was proud of who she’d become, but in case he didn’t make it, watch her back. Liv, if something has your daddy spooked, you should be too. I’m just saying…

Navid, a foreign translator, begged Liv to help him escape his terroristic leaders. He promised to give the US info on a nuclear facility disguised as a soda factory, if Fitz would give him asylum. Since Fitz is kitty-whipped he did whatever the Commander-in-Chiefess suggested. Liv thought Navid lied when they found nothing at the soda factory. Ricki Lake, I mean Susan, the ditzy Vice President, bought time while they dug for the truth. Huck’s keen eye discovered that the soda factory was indeed a nuclear spot and after trying to off himself rather than go back to his country, Navid was given asylum.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….as the team worked to try and verify Navid’s info, Quin told Marcus he needs to learn to speak Gladiator (real fast, and like everything is an emergency). Harrison never got a love interest so Shonda can we get somebody for Marcus real soon? (Raises hand because I did have two lines in a movie. Have your people call my people…)

I know y’all like plain white bread Jake…but his tough guy routine just doesn’t work for me. Although I am glad he’s not letting Liv ride his train anymore.

Jake enlisted Huck’s help to bring down Rowan, saying “If you see a cockroach step on it”…but Huck, was like “Nah, Bruh….I put that animal away and I”m not trying to bring him back out.”

Liv and Fitz were laying up in the Oval Office like he’s not still married. She wanted to tell him that online casino she helped Rowan escape but every time she opened her mouth, Fitz’s glistening chest got her sidetracked, so she never came clean.

David got his revenge on Liv by having her arrested for helping her daddy escape. As Roberta crooned in the background Fitz asked a despondent Olivia to tell him the truth….Did she help Rowan escape? Shonda didn’t want us to hear what she said but her lip sync was enough to send a horrified Fitz toward the door. Obviously, that door is revolving because these two need to be playing in Wimbledon as much back and forth they do. (Sidenote: Tell the truth, how many of y’all adjusted your volume trying to hear what Liv was saying?)

Jake went hunting for Rowan and found Tom either dead or out cold. But Papa Pope was nowhere to be found. That’s because Huck let his crazy out anyway and kidnapped Rowan.

Well, Fitz’s anger lasted all of one commercial break. He promptly moved Liv’’s belongings into the White House, telling her that was her new home. Yes, the president is shacking up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Papa Pope told Liv he’s not the one she should be afraid of. That got me to wondering, who is? Something tells me Cy is going to be at the center of Lazarus 1. But we’ll see….

Next week is the winter finale….and Huck is thisclose to hucking Rowan up. Do you think Papa Pope’s days are numbered?

Is anybody even still hanging in there with Scandal or have all the former Gladiators jumped ship????

PS – I hope the cleaning crew bleaches down the White House because folks be having sex E’RYWHERE!

PPS- Can somebody get Cy a boy toy or something because he needs his juice back. Fitz talks to the First Dog better than him.

PPPS – Can we carve the turkey before you put up the Christmas tree????

PPPPS – That sound track tho…

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