Scandal Season Premiere, 9/24/2015

It’s baaaaack…..No, for real, it’s back. Scandal’s season premiere brought us back to the old pre-Kizzie Olivia kidnapping storyline of last season. So, let’s get ready to RECAP!

But first, this commercial break…In case you didn’t know, this RECAP contains stuff that happened in tonight’s episode. (I mean, that’s why it’s called a RECAP, but just in case you weren’t clear)….Okay, carry on….

The season premiere opened up with Liv and Fitz together again…..getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, while Self-righteous Sally on her TMZ-turned-political show bashed her former boss for wasting money on a big shindig for the Royal Family. Sally needs to co-host this show with Mike Huckabee because she’s so doggone righteous….I mean, can someone, anyone, remind this chick that she killed her husband??? Oh, I guess she got a Commandment pass so she’s good….

Cut to Liv and Fitz having passionate sex…

Back to Liv and Abby, who broke cardinal rule number one and talked about someone in the women’s restroom without checking the stalls. They were running their mouths when Princess Diana, I mean Princess Emily, emerged.

Cut to Liv and Fitz having more sex.

Liv and Fitz went their separate ways at the state dinner and tried to pretend they weren’t a couple, although the goo-goo eyes they gave each other all night was a dead giveaway. Mellie tried to clown Lizzie, who is the new Chief of Staff for the president. Lizzie quickly shot the new Senator down, telling Mellie, she might have been her b*tch before, before she’s the head b*tch so she wouldn’t be bowing down anymore.

Talk about bringing somebody down….After being sworn in as a Senator with Fitz by her side, Mellie gave her husband the ‘together we can conquer the world’ nbso online casino reviews speech and that gangster Lucious, I mean Fitz, responded by serving her with divorce papers. Mellie and her fake cry went to Cyrus, who opened his front door looking like, “Damn, why don’t y’all leave me alone…” Mellie tried to get Cy to come work for her. He said no, but something tells me since Fitz fired him last season, that no just may mean yes…

Mama don’t take no mess, The paparazzi was chasing the Princesses car, causing an accident that left her dead. Liv pulled out a suitcase full of cash and commenced to try to round up all the photos taken by the paparazzi. Eventually, Liv and Quin found out the accident was no accident and in fact, was a cold-hearted assassination, planned by The Queen herself! Turns out Princess Emily was no Angel and was screwing around with her bodyguard. Emily was pregnant so rather than go on Maury to try and see who the baby daddy was, the Queen took matters into her own hands. (I ain’t saying I agree with the Queen, but as a mother of a son, I get it)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Olitz (Liv and Fitz)….but she sure has some ethics to be a side chick for so long. Now that Fitz is free, he wanted to go public, but Liv convinced him to wait. But uh, too late, Abby busted into their spit-swapping session and told them Sally was running a special report….they were cold busted. Someone had installed cameras in the White House and the Secret Lovers were no more.

Next week….the secret is out and All hell breaks loose!! I can’t wait! What did you think of the season premiere?‪#‎Scandal‬

PS – By the way Liv….Be careful what you wish for. You may have Fitz now…but that just means the mistress spot is now open…

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